Sophie Marques


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Current activity

I am currently a Lecturer at UCT, mathematics department and Posdoctoral student with a grant from NRF offered by Prof. George Janelidze.

Research interests

  • Cohen-Macaulayness of ring of invariants
  • Ramification theory : tameness, inertia groups, slices
  • Group schemes, Hopf algebras and comodules, algebraic stacks,
  • Moduli spaces
  • Cohomology
  • Deformation theory, Liftings
  • Galois theory, Fundamental group, invariant theory
  • Quaternion algebras and cyclic algebras.
  • Function fields : holomorphic differential, low degree function fields, generic polynomials
  • Inverse eigenvalue problem
  • Graph theory
  • Category theory
  • Linear algebra

Curriculum Vitae

Here, you can find my Curriculum Vitae.

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Mathematics Building,
Cape Town, 7700

Office number: M3.25